US declares: Global warming is affecting US

The government’s newest national assessment of climate change declares that increased global warming is affecting every part of the United States.


Cambodia to climb climate change readiness ladder

Although many attempts are being made to track impacts of different climate change actions at a project level, mapping these effects at the national level will be much more complex. Cambodia is one of several countries that are developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks that can track multiple layers of information at the national, sub-national and sectoral levels.

Cambodia is one of the least developed countries, and is among the most vulnerable to climate change, particularly to floods, droughts and tropical storms. Most Cambodians depend on agriculture but lack the infrastructure and information they need to cope with extreme events.

To overcome these challenges, the government is investing in ways to adapt diverse sectors to the changing climate. In recent years it has mobilised US$200 million with support from development partners and multilateral banks to improve roads and irrigation, and build flood resilient infrastructure.

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UN Reports: Cambodia At High Risk From Climate Change

The UN report presents an extensive regional analysis that identifies Southeast Asia—and Cambodia in particular—as particularly vulnerable to changes in climate due to an overreliance on fishing and rice production for livelihoods. “Assessing climate change impacts together with the high share of fisheries as a source of income showed that Cambodia’s economy is one of the most vulnerable to climate change,” the report says.

If you want to read full article, please follow the link to The Cambodia Daily.


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