Climate Change Adaptation: Flood and Drought-Resilient Aquaculture

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Fishery is an important activity in Cambodia as it provides foods security and support livelihoods of people through generating incomes and it also plays an important role to promote diversification of livelihoods in Cambodia. However, climate change through the increased occurrence of floods and drought and changes in water systems threatens fishery activities.


Climate Change Practice Notes Released!

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Adaptation Projects Contribute to Flood Preparedness and Response


The pilot climate change projects funded by CCCA are designed to increase the resilience of vulnerable communities to the long-term impacts of climate change, but these projects also bring more immediate benefits for local populations trying to adapt to current climate variability and extreme events. This was recently demonstrated during the floods which hit Cambodia between August and October 2013, affecting 21 provinces and over 400,000 households, and leading to the loss of at least 168 lives. Many of the CCCA’s pilot projects have contributed to better preparedness and resilience of vulnerable communities. For instance:


farmers benefit from Bio Digester Establishment

Read more...Svay Rieng Province is located in the southeast of Cambodia and covered by lowlands. Most families living in this province mainly depend on firewood to cook their meals due to the lack of other alternative sources of energy. The dependency on firewood can lead to unsustainable use of the forest resources in this province.

The bio-digester technology is one of the available options in Cambodia to reduce the demand of local communities for timber and non-timber forest products. It can provide clean energy for cooking meal and lighting the house by burning the methane gas released from animal manure.


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