Living with Disaster Risk and Climate Change Impacts in Coastal Area

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Kep and Kampot are coastal areas affected by climatic hazards, such as drought, salinity intrusion, seasonal storm which mostly affect poorest families especially children, women and older people. Additionally, parts of the two provinces such as Damnak Chang Aer, Kep, Kampong Trach and Banteay Meas districts are subject to irregular rain fall. Salinity intrusion is confirmed as a main concern affecting water sanitation, hygiene and health. People in the target areas where saltwater is intruding are faced with lack of water for drinking and agricultural activities.


Climate-Proof Integrated Rural Community Development in Kampong Thom Province

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Cambodia is considered among the world’s most affected countries by natural hazards and climate change. More than 90% of the country’s poor live in rural areas and depend on agriculture for their food and income activities. In this sense, climate change is a major threat to rural people. For reducing the vulnerability and impacts from climate change, adaptive capacity and resilience system in the communities are required. This project “Climate-Proof Integrated Rural Community Development in Kampong Thom Province” will be a joint effort between Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) and Caritas Cambodia.

The huge losses in terms of human death, physical infrastructures, agricultural yields, and livestock may be an indicator that households and local communities are no longer being resilient to floods. Moreover, many rural facilities such as road networks and domestic water supply are damaged by seasonal floods (flash flood and river flood). The damage of rural facilities are the consequence of insufficient information on climate change available for community’s planners, MRD provincial staffs, and engineers who design infrastructure projects (rural road and rural water supply).


GHG Emissions Inventory and Mitigation Plan for the Road Transport Sector in Cambodia

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Transport was identified as an important component of the energy sector in terms of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, contributing almost two-thirds of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and half of nitrogen oxide emissions, based on Cambodia’s Initial National Communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (2000). The national government estimates an increasing trend in GHG emissions from the transport sector in the coming years due to increasing urbanization and motorization.

To address this, Cambodia has prepared a Cambodia Climate Change Strategic Plan 2014-2023 (CCCSP) and sector-based CCSPs. The present project is part of the implementation of the CCSP for Climate Change Adaptation and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in the Transport Sector (2013), the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT).


Increasing the Knowledge of the Water Cycle in order to Reduce Vulnerability to Climate Change Hazards through an Integrated Approach

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Cambodia figures amongst the most vulnerable countries to climate change according to the “Climate Change (CC) Vulnerability Mapping for South East Asia”. Disasters related to CC will have consequences on rural human activities that may affect up to 80% of the Cambodian population, as, the dominant agriculture sector employed 57.6 % of the national labour force (CCCSP 2014-2023). The significant role that agriculture plays in the economy of the country indicates the high importance of having reliable sources of water. However, the complex and cross-sector character of natural disasters can have devastating impacts, notably involving water cycle deregulation. Indeed, water is a crucial natural resource for human development and environmental preservation. However, in the case of CC hazards it has become a major issue. This project will attempt to address this issue using a science-based response in order to mitigate CC risks and consequences on vulnerable rural communities.



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